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Relax, you’re natural now!

There is a movement! A movement all over the country and hopefully worldwide of women

transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

No longer are we continuing to believe in the lie about LYE.  No longer do we believe in the antiquated, backwards notion of “good hair”.  We are finally

You can do it!

You can do it!

removing the shackles of the chemical relaxer.  We now know that we fit right in…NATURALLY.  We are now celebrating our differences, more and more. Many awakened women are entering into a hair and, yes, spiritual rebirth of sorts. as they embrace their natural born curls.   (More hair care info: Here).

This is not about being against straightened hair, either.  It is about being free from the obligation of adding and PAYING for toxic chemicals contained in

Natural hair is beautiful hair

Natural hair is beautiful hair

chemical relaxers. Take sodium hydroxide, for example; it is lethal, if ingested.  Now, can you take a guess as to what fibroids in African American women has been linked to? Chemical relaxers.

Over the past fifteen years, I have been thrilled to help many, many clients rid themselves of the relaxer and go natural.  This change is about more than growing out a relaxer. It is about a journey to self realization.  Time and time again, my clients have been thrilled to see, feel and experience the joys of natural hair.

Let’s go through what you are likely to experience on your transitional journey:

1- Fear.  Yep! It’s a ‘lil scary. After all who knows what kind of gorgeous curls that relaxer has been hiding.

2- Frustration. You may mentally relapse and think, “Ugh! Where’s the relaxer when I need it”…not to worry. Hang in there. I promise. It is worthwhile!

3- Acceptance.  You will absolutely come to love the hair you were born with.

4- Freedom. Done! Time to exhale!  (Visit Pinterest partners: Here).

Speaking of freedom…now you can workout, swim, be intimate, without the fear of wrecking your hair.

Another added benefit is you are now an example to your daughter and to your friends who just might consider the same.

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Your Best Weave Now

So you want to get a weave?

Before embarking on getting a weave, allow me to start by asking, “Just how to tell when your are looking at a good weave.  Well the correct answer is, “A good weave is undetectable”.

Having a quality weave necessarily means we cannot tell if we are looking at a weave!  If ever you are asked, “I love your hair; who does your weave?” or worse, “I love your weave; who did it?”. The saying that goes, “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true.  Now, on the other hand, if you are getting a lot of, “I love your hair; how do you get it like that?”, then chances are you’ve got them fooled. (Visit us: Here)

So, let’s start with rule num

ber 1: Getting the right hair.

In so doing, it is crucial that you find a great hair distributor.  Please note, we are not referring to the hair gotten at the beauty supply store on the corner.

Quality hair

Virgin hair can be colored safely

I have learned after so many years doing hair that brand name weaving hair is not the

best place to get quality hair.  To get your hands on virgin, authentic hair, it must be purchased from a distributor who gets the hair wefted by hand.

Keep in mind that the only process done to one hundred percent virgin hair is cleaning and NOTHING else. (Find more hair care info: Here).

Good hair will last through multiple weave sessions which, in the long run, saves time and money.  Virgin hair as opposed to synthetic hair can be colored without the color damaging the hair.   If you are at a loss for where to find quality, virgin hair, your stylist should be able to assist you.

Beware of hair from a pack and beware of popular brands.  Investing in quality hair that will not started forming bird’s nests and that looks real is a worthwhile investment.

100% human hair


Hair gotten from supply stores will inevitable contain yak or animal hair.  This hair will tangle and mat forcing you to take out the weave you paid for way before you would like to.

Also, know that hair that has been processed to appear more course will cause the strands to weaken the hair quality.  Examine the strand diameter and feel it.  You can find quality hair in a variety of textures from a reputable hair distributor. Just do your homework and seek professional guidance.

Ensure you shampoo at least once a  month to clean your own scalp and to remove product and oil from the weave hair which will, if not removed, deteriorate the weave hair quality.

Lastly, if you have curly weave hair, use conditioner. For straight or fine hair little to no conditioner is needed.

If there are any hair issues you’d like to see address, leave a comment. We’ll see you next time.

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3 Cheap Great Hair Secrets Everyone Needs To Know

So, here are

three secrets to great hair

that everyone needs to know.  Taking care of your hair is extremely important. You want to make sure that it looks great at all times. The good news is that there are 3 cheap great hair secrets that you can use to make sure your hair always looks its best.  (Have a look at our site: Site link).

Take Your Vitamins

Taking your vitamins can help in keeping your hair looking its best. You will also

Healthy Hair

find that it can make your hair grow faster than it would otherwise. This is great for those who are looking to grow their hair out. When your hair is well taken care of and has all the vitamins that it needs you are sure to find that it will show in the way that it looks.

Keep Your Hair Pulled Up

This might sound silly to you. After all why would you pull your hair up when you want to show it off? Well the reason you can benefit from pulling your hair up is because when you pull it up you reduce the exposure it has to the

Great Hair Tips

environment. You will also find that it will get less tangled and this can help to decrease breakage in your hair. Make sure that invest in the right hair ties though because you don’t want to get hair ties that are going to damage the hair. Pull your hair up around fifty percent of the time for the best results.

Get It Trimmed

Don’t forget to get your hair trimmed. This is one of the most important great hair secrets that you need to know. If you neglect your trims you will find that the bottom of your hair will never look quite right. When you get a trim you will see that your hair feels more smooth and soft and they will look thick. You can try trimming it about 4 or 6 times each year. If you wait a long time you will have to get a great deal trimmed off at one time as opposed to just a little trim here and there throughout the year. (Also, visit our Pinterest board: link).

As you can see these are all great hair secrets that are important for you to know. The better you treat your hair the better it is going to look. None of these methods require a great deal of time be spent and all are affordable. Just make sure to remember them and give them a try. You are sure to find that your hair quickly begins to look and feel better than it ever has before.

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Extensions: Can they be dyed?

“Can you dye extensions?:

I am posed with that question regularly by my clients who have a desire to go from one solid color of extension to highlights or a whole different color. I will be blunt and direct: I do not at all care for or use in my work pre-colored store purchased hair.  Why?  Because, simply put, it is not real human hair.  The first reason is this: This pre-color hair is chemically processed to make it look like it is real hair when it is far from passing for such.

Yes you can!

Yes, it looks quite real and fools many.  But it cannot be colored because it has been demolished by the chemicals put on it by the manufacturer. This “human” hair is often and usually a mix of yak hair, which is taken from an animal.  Know this: real human hair will inevitably cost you more than the price at the store which is around $50 to $100 usually for a four- ounce bundle. (Feel free to visit our site: Link).

If the hair has a number, 4 or 2B or 1B, for example, it has been pre-colored and chemically treated.  I forewarn my clients each time to avoid this hair at all cost.  The hair quality is sacrificed during the chemical processing used to color the hair or to give the hair a certain texture.  To make matters worse, this apparently real human hair lasts only a few weeks and less if you attempt to color it.

If hair is 100% VIRGIN it can be colored.  And, REMY hair is NOT virgin hair. It has also been chemically altered to make it look like it came from a single hair donor.  The same goes for hair bought online…chemically altered in most cases. To provide assurance that the hair is virgin, ask for a sample so that you can test for quality. You will perform a simple color test. First, get a powdered lightener from the beauty supply and get twenty volume developer.  Mix the developer in equal parts and apply it to 3 inches of the weft. Then, wrap a section of the hair with a foil and  allow it to sit fifteen minutes.  If color is unchanged, the hair isn’t virgin and is low in quality. You will know that it’s been put through a chemical process.  If the color changes slightly, leave it on longer to see if the color will further lift.  Virgin hair will begin to turn blonde.  If it’s not 100% virgin hair, it may lift in spots and will look multi-colored.  I have had experience with hair sellers who instructed me to use higher volume developer to lift the hair’s color.  That is pure nonsense. (Visit our Pinterest board! Link).

Un-chemically treated human hair will and should lighten with 20 volume developer.   If it fails to lift, the company is lying to its buyers. The only process 100% virgin hair needs is to be cleaned. And, that is absolutely it.

VIRGIN hair can be dyed. Have a professional stylist color it to ensure a professional  job. You will have a more natural and authentic looking weave.  To the question “Can I dye my extensions?”, I say, “Yes you can if it’s REAL VIRGIN hair.

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Deciding on hair dye color

Color: Hair vs. skin

The question is what color to dye my hair? What color is best to match my skin color? The question about

what color to dye my hair:

Hair color vs. Skin color

this is a question I get asked quite often. In my professional experience the best advice I can give is to leave the decision to the stylist.  The truth is, a particular color will compliment one individual and may not for another individual.  Let’s say you bring in a photograph of a color you’re interested in getting and you bring it in to show the stylist.  It is imperative he or she take the time to thoroughly access if that color is good for your skin tone. Otherwise, you may incur a hair color mishap. (Be sure to visit our site for more healthy hair info and photos: Link).

Red/Green  equals Cool/Warm

In the hair salon industry, the terms cool or warm are used while on the internet, the terms red or green are used which is a  reference to one’s skin undertone. The hair coloring chosen by a hairstylist should be chosen based on your unique skin undertone.  In cosmetology institutes, we decide on skin undertones using eye color. Generally for blue, green or hazel eyed people, we will say they have cool undertones. Brown-eyed people look better with warmer undertones. It is tougher to decide on hair color when dealing with different ethnicities. Cooler undertoned skin color is best with light blonde and ash brown tones. Red skin tones are complimented with warm golden and auburn, etc.

Light or Dark

While it may be disappointing the darker hair coloring like black and dark brown cannot be worn by all skin tones. For those with high melanin or some at least a small amount of color to the skin, darker colors are better suited. Dark colors are too harsh for pale and lighter skin tones. I prefer to see only Asians with black hair because they are born with it so it looks natural because it, in fact, is. Everyone else has to fake the black. Also, dark colors are hard

Perfect Highlights

to remove once they have been put on the hair, so they must be applied with care and caution.

Color of Skin

Through the years taking care of people’s hair of different ethnicities, I am often asked, “Is my skintone going to work with this dark color ?”, or “Is this color to dark for my pale or light-skin?”  My answer is always the same:

You’re not too dark or light for any hair color (except for the aforementioned black color). As the professional, it’s my job to decide which color is right for you.. I do have pale-toned Caucasian clients who color their hair dark, but I adding a bit of red to medium brown helps the color look balanced and not harsh. If you are considering changing your hair color, be sure to consult a professional hairstylist who  will ensure you make the best choice of hair color for you.  Share any feedback, comments or questions about this article with me.

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Should we color our own hair?

Are you considering

coloring your own hair?

After caring for many customers who have used boxed color to color their hair, I have learned that some things never change. What is  it that doesn’t change? The outcome of them not getting the color the set out to get. Friends,  I strongly advise that you refrain from coloring your own hair. Yes, sometimes, you may be on a budget and need to save the money.  I suggest that you do what you have to to save the money instead of not going to the salon. Otherwise you may

Healthy Hair Coloring

and likely ARE causing major damage to the hair. I do not believe it is worth risking the health of your hair just to save a couple of dollars.

I know the scenario. You are walking down the aisle while shopping and you spot a box of color. It has a pretty model who has perfectly colored hair.  It is then that you think to yourself, “Hey, I can have that exact color. I will look just like her!”.  From my over 20 years of experience, I am aware that it cannot happen”.  There are so many women today that have hair color problems which is why I wrote this article. I want to encourage women to stop using box color for the sake of hair health. Professional stylists will tell you to take note of the following 3 things. Be aware of   things: (Visit our website for more hair articles: Site link).

Issue  1: Hair Health before coloring

If my client’s hair is not in good condition to start, please do not buy boxed color! The use of chemicals on unhealthy hair further damages hair. Avoiding further damage to the hair is why I insist women seek the service of a professional who will, in fact, let you know if your hair is strong enough for coloring. You have to be aware that boxed color is stronger than salon hair color. Why? Box colors are made to act fast. We, hair pros know that fast processes call for harsh chemicals. Always remember that fact.

Issue 2: Adding color on top of color

Self coloring vs. professional

Adding color on top of color is something I have seen often and it causes the worst damage. Professional stylists understand that color doesn’t raise color. (Please visit us on Pinterest: link).

Trouble 3: Knowing how to acheive the desired color

If you have a natural level three to start, you need to raise it to a level nine, you won’t be able to do so with box color because the hair will only raise about three to four levels. Attempting to do this yourself is purely bad for hair and you will fail to get the color you want. Not only that, but you will now need the help of a professional to fix the damage incurred from using boxed color. That also means more money out of your pocket. Please note, you will have to get a restorative treatment which will cost double sometimes.  In the first place, the color should have been put in by a professional at a salon. We are the professionals. Allow us to give you the professional service so you get the color you intend to have.

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